From:Seed To:Root 

On view Euclid Gallery, January 21 – March 5, 2022

This exhibition was conceptualized from the highly anthropomorphized African Spirit or Ancestor vessels. These vessels, primarily made by women, use the expressive characteristics of the elements. The material and its process are symbolic of the cycle of life and the worlds of human and spirit, earth, water, air and fire.

These works serve various ritual functions including, an axis for prayer or meditation, joining ceremonies, healing the sick, safeguarding the community, activating ancestral wisdom and the presence of various protective spirits. Their positive intervention was considered vital to maintaining harmony, health and well-being.

The exhibition title From: Seed  To: Root refers to the cyclical relationship between us and our ancestors, we give, we listen, we learn, we do. They heal, they guide, they nourish, and we grow.


Still We Rise

Crossroads is a transformative augmented reality (AR) exhibition series that is the first of its kind in Cleveland. Crossroads provides audiences with a unique opportunity to experience art outdoors, across Cleveland communities, 24 hours a day. When viewed through a free app on a smartphone or tablet, the artwork in AR will appear over the featured public place. The artwork in Crossroads is intentionally commissioned in context with and connected to specific locations in Cleveland. The dialogues that occur between art and site will create new narratives to spark important conversations about our lives and communities at home and across the nation.

Still We Rise explores the forgotten or overwritten histories of Cleveland and its effects on race and neighborhoods.


The first installation of the Crossroads Exhibition Series Still We Rise will run July 16 through September 25, 2021. Still We Rise is Cleveland’s first-ever augmented reality (AR) exhibition. It will showcase the artwork of 12 Cleveland-area artists of color. Curated by Robin Robinson, Still We Rise explores the forgotten or overwritten histories of 6 east-side Cleveland communities. Examining aspects of race and neighborhood identity, each work of art is created in response to a public site of political, cultural, or historical significance with direct community engagement. An accompanying exhibition on view in The Sculpture Center galleries will display the physical artworks layered with dialogue and personal narratives of resilience. A downloadable map guides users on a driveable tour to view the artworks and provide important contextual information.