Crossroads is a transformative augmented reality (AR) exhibition series that is the first of its kind in Cleveland. Crossroads provides audiences with a unique opportunity to experience art outdoors, across Cleveland communities, 24 hours a day. When viewed through a free app on a smartphone or tablet, the artwork in AR will appear over the featured public place. The artwork in Crossroads is intentionally commissioned in context with and connected to specific locations in Cleveland. The dialogues that occur between art and site will create new narratives to spark important conversations about our lives and communities at home and across the nation.

Still We Rise

July 16 - September 25, 2021

Still We Rise explores the forgotten or overwritten histories of Cleveland and its effects on race and neighborhoods.


The first installation of the Crossroads Exhibition Series Still We Rise will run July 16 through September 25, 2021. Still We Rise is Cleveland’s first-ever augmented reality (AR) exhibition. It will showcase the artwork of 12 Cleveland-area artists of color. Curated by Robin Robinson, Still We Rise explores the forgotten or overwritten histories of 6 east-side Cleveland communities. Examining aspects of race and neighborhood identity, each work of art is created in response to a public site of political, cultural, or historical significance with direct community engagement. An accompanying exhibition on view in The Sculpture Center galleries will display the physical artworks layered with dialogue and personal narratives of resilience. A downloadable map guides users on a driveable tour to view the artworks and provide important contextual information.

Still Point Gallery and Boutique

Ten years ago many of you came to know us as The Mezzanine Gallery, a reference to a small mezzanine venue in Cleveland’s historic neighborhood and gallery district of Little Italy.  Four years later we changed the name to Still Point Gallery to commemorates Geoff’s solo exhibit, “Northern Ohio Still”, at the Butler Institute of American Art in 2011. The theme of his exhibit derived from a line in Burnt Norton, the first of T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets.   “At the still point of the turning world, … at the still point, there the dance is”.

In describing his own work, and borrowing from Eliot’s poem, Geoff observed,
“It is stillness in the context of motion – stillness as continuity, as a point of reference – that I hope to communicate through my photography.  This is the stillness that centers life, that allows us to order our relationships to a turbulent world.”

Over the last ten years we have worked hard to create a gallery and boutique that not only showcases select local and national artists but one that  provides a wide range of original fine art and one that provides a quiet space and “allows us to order our relationships to a turbulent world”.  We search out works from a variety of art disciplines and mediums, many of which represent great “finds”/ “discoveries”.  Our goal has been to provide a venue for Geoff’s fine art photography, complemented with paintings, prints, jewelry art, apparel, textile art and ceramics. We hoped to create a small gallery for select local, regional and national artists in a wide host of mediums. The challenge and emphasis both is to develop relationships with artists across the country, indeed around the world, and curate their work authentically and appealingly.